The crunch! The flavor! The color!

New to Eating Sprouts?

Here’s where it gets really fun! Sprouts add a great crunch and flavor to just about any dish you already make! And they even stay crunchy if cooked! So add sprouts to your avocado/bacon toast in the morning or your favorite sandwich, salad or wrap for lunch or your special lasagna, enchiladas or even as the perfect “salad bed” for your salmon or steak for dinner! It’s so easy to be creative with sprouts!

Sprouts are fresh seedlings, tiny little plants that have just begun to sprout. It’s a nutritional punch that the national media and nutritionist call a super food! And with only about 60 to 90 calories per entire package, it’s a low calorie flavorful way to increase your veggie eating every day!

Top Trending Sprout Uses

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Low calorie flavor, color, crunch, protein and fiber…sprouts have it all. Search for something incredible to try with sprouts. We have a variety of uses for Wild About Sprouts® that come from our consumers like you!


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At Wild About Sprouts® we care about the health of our employees and our customers. We strive to eat healthy, fresh foods at every meal and we’re proud to bring you the Wild About Sprouts® family of products! Have a favorite way to enjoy your Wild About Sprouts® – please send us some of your favorite eating ideas!