Signs of Life

Keep an eye out for the nutritious, edible, white silky rootlets growing in some of our Wild About Sprouts® packages. Like the rest of the plant, they’re wholesome, tasty and perfectly safe to eat. If you see some nutritious little white, silky rootlets in the package, it’s just the natural root hairs – a normal part of healthy, living sprouts.

Because Wild About Sprouts® are grown in the package and are still living, they occasionally produce these fine, feathery white root-hairs throughout; what we call rootlets.  These are sometimes mistaken for mold, but they are a natural part of the living plant and are completely healthful to eat.

Varieties most likely to develop rootlets are Bold Broccoli, Tangy Clover & Broccoli and Spicy Clover & Radish.

Do not disturb:

Another feature of the COLD GROWN® process is the presence of natural seed caps and occasional un-germinated seeds among the growing sprouts. They are proof of the sprouts growing undisturbed in the package, free of excessive handling and related contamination.

Vive la difference:

Sprouts offer an abundance of micronutrients and our Wild About Sprouts® have twice the protein and fiber of traditionally grown sprouts, due in part to our rootlets and seed caps. So, when assessing the quality and condition of Rä Wild About Sprouts® take a moment to notice the rootlets, and seed caps, and celebrate the difference.