So, What Exactly Are Rä Wild About Sprouts®?

While Rä Wild About Sprouts® may look familiar, they make up an entirely new sprouts category.

From the outside, Rä Wild About Sprouts® can appear to resemble traditional sprouts, do not be mistaken. Wild About Sprouts® belong in their own category!

These tiny veggies called sprouts are making a huge comeback due to a new patented Cold Grown® process developed by Rä Foods LLC, Wild About Sprouts® that results in a fresh produce item with an amazingly long 21 day shelf life and color, flavor and texture that adds a new twist to all your eating occasions. Wild About Sprouts® are incredibly versatile and these tiny veggies are compact and easy to store in the refrigerator, while offering an abundance of micronutrients and twice the protein and fiber of traditionally grown sprouts.

Wild About Sprouts® seeds are planted directly in 3 ounce packages and the tiny sprouts remain alive and completely untouched until you open the package at home. Each package is like a tiny garden living undisturbed in your refrigerator.

Rä Foods grows Wild About Sprouts® using a patented COLD GROWN® process (PAT No. 10015936) that prevents the growth of pathogens and eliminates handling that could introduce contaminants and promote spoilage. As an additional safety step, final product pathogen testing occurs before every shipment. The result is also a naturally long shelf life meaning these sprouts will last long after other produce in your refrigerator spoils.

Wild About Sprouts® are also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way; being herbicide-free, pesticide-free, non GMO, and using only ¼ cup of water per package with no waste. In addition, each package and growing pad is recyclable.

Size does not matter.

Although Wild About Sprouts® look small, they pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutritional benefits. According to research, assorted kinds of baby plants can contain anywhere from 4 to 40 times more vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants when compared to mature versions of the plants.

According to nutritional analysis Wild About Sprouts® have approximately 5x more protein than romaine lettuce and 2x more protein than conventionally grown sprouts and Wild About Sprouts® have approximately 1.5x more fiber than romaine lettuce and 2.6x more fiber than conventionally grown sprouts.

Wild About Sprouts® come in 6 varieties

100% Crunchy Clover is sweet and delicate, Tangy Clover and Broccoli Blend is mild and peppery, the Spicy Blend of radish and clover brings heat with a dash of red in the rootlets, Amazing Alfalfa has a nutty, mild flavor, Crispy Clover and Alfalfa Blend is sweet and nutty and 100% Bold Broccoli is strong, bold and peppery.

The varieties of Wild About Sprouts® allow for multiple culinary uses. Our sprouts provide an incredibly easy way to add fresh sprouted veggies to all meal occasions including breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. It’s a good fit for consumers at home looking for some variety, looking to add more healthy food options to their daily diet or those just looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite meals.

Think avocado, sprout and egg toast, breakfast bagel sandwiches and wraps, smoothies, frittatas, burritos and spring rolls bursting with crunchy flavorful sprouts or as additions to pasta salads, stir fry, burgers, tacos or sushi, as fun options for nachos, bruschetta, mixed in to your favorite dips and spreads and so much more.

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