New Wild About Sprouts® labels are here!

Introducing new Wild About Sprouts® labels! Brighter, bolder colors in the same tasty, flavorful varieties!

We are excited to announce new Wild About Sprouts® package labels in more eye-catching, bright colors that are easier to see on the store shelf. We’ve also simplified the variety names to simply state the fresh sprout that’s in the package and we highlight the flavor profile of each variety so you instantly know if the variety is bold, peppery, nutty or mild. 

At Wild About Sprouts® we are on a mission to reach consumers across the country with fresh, living, safe, healthy, flavorful sprouts. Our bright new labels will help attract consumers to the shelf to learn more about the Wild About Sprouts® difference and the benefits of sprouts.

Wild About Sprouts® are different from traditional sprouts and are grown in individual 3 ounce containers using a patented Cold Grown® process (PAT No. 10015936) that results in the safest sprouts available.  The patented Cold Grown® process prevents the growth of pathogens and eliminates handling that could introduce contaminants and promote spoilage.  As an additional safety step, final product pathogen testing occurs before every shipment. The result is also a naturally long shelf life meaning these sprouts will last long after other produce in your refrigerator spoils.

You can see the difference in our sprouts and it’s all about how we grow them. Our patented Cold Grown® process is trusted by grocers across the country and by thousands more consumers who understand the nutritional benefits of these tiny, living plants including the benefits of plant protein and fiber. Wild About Sprouts® seeds are planted directly in individual retail packages, the sprouts remain alive and completely untouched until harvested by consumers in their homes. Another benefit is Wild About Sprouts® are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, being herbicide- and pesticide-free, non-GMO and using only ¼ cup of water per package with no water waste. In addition, each package and growing pad is recyclable. 

With no washing, chopping or peeling, Wild About Sprouts® are an easy way to get more veggies and plant-based protein and fiber in your diet. Eaten raw or cooked, Wild About Sprouts® compliment any type of cuisine. Use them on any dish you want to add color, flavor and crunch!

Wild About Sprouts® come in six varieties: 100% Clover, Broccoli/Clover blend, Clover/Radish blend, 100% Alfalfa, Clover/Alfalfa blend and 100% Broccoli.