Spicy Clover & Radish

Spicy Clover & Radish

Spicy Clover & Radish Sprouts bring together a high intensity kick with the refreshing sweetness of clover sprouts. Our Spicy sprouts are a new and unique twist on traditional sprouts. Since these tiny little shoots are growing in their natural state, the radish seeds are getting ready to become individual plants and sometimes the leaves have minor blemishes or yellowish leaves.  It’s perfectly normal.  Spice up any sandwich, wrap, soup or chili or main dish!


  • Sweet, nutty and mild flavor
  • Fine, delicate shoots with a mild crunch
  • Deep green leaf with dark brown seed caps


  • Little radish plants with yellow, green leaves
  • STRONG peppery flavor
  • Occasionally silky root hairs; a naturally edible part of our living, growing sprouts. Read More Here