Kirbie’s Cravings: Stir Fry for Dinner

6 Sassy Stir Fry’s from Kirbie and Mr. K

Kirbie’s Cravings is a food blog based in San Diego, sharing dining experiences, kitchen recipes, travel adventures, and food product obsessions. It chronicles the cravings of Kirbie and her supportive husband, Mr. K. Kirbie who handles most of the picture taking, writing and recipe development.

When she met Mr. K, he wasn’t very into food. His diet consisted mainly of canned food and fast food. After they began dating, Mr. K’s palate changed and now he enjoys all types of cuisine; because of the flavorful and health conscious recipes they include in their repertoire.

Most of their dishes (including the stir fry recipes featured below) offer up a healthier twist on a classic version of the dish. They have the same great taste, but limit the amount of calories. These stir fry dishes included both low carb, low cal, and gluten free substitutes for the popular stir fry dishes like; Chinese Lo Mein, General Tso Chicken, and Classic Mongolian Beef.

We’re sharing this sample of healthy and delicious stir fries with you, because pairing them with any of the Rä Wild About Sprouts® flavors including Spicy blend, Clover/Alfalfa, Clover, or Clover-Broccoli – add an extra crunch and special flavor.