Wild About Sprouts® are a tasty alternative to lettuce and so much more!

Our Patented Cold Grown® Process Delivers Better, Living Sprouts

  • 21-day Shelf Life
  • Living Sprouts
  • Grown untouched in the Package and Harvested at Home
  • 6 Flavorful Varieties with More Protein and Fiber*
  • Patented Cold Grown® Technology
  • Final Product Pathogen Testing

*than traditionally grown sprouts

Rä Foods Wild About Sprouts® is on a mission to reach consumers across the country with fresh, living, safe, healthy, flavorful sprouts! We have developed a new patented Cold Grown® way to grow sprouts that results in a safer, living product that has an amazing 21 day shelf life. Wild About Sprouts® are so versatile they can be used across all eating occasions, offering a new twist on your everyday meals.

Wild About Sprouts® are a good fit for consumers looking to add more healthy food options and plant protein and fiber to their daily diet or those just looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Wild About Sprouts® are living plants…like a garden in your fridge!  With no washing, chopping or peeling, sprouts are an easy way to get more veggies in your diet.

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Sprouts Done Better – the Cold Grown® way!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the crunch and flavor of sprouts in the freshest possible way.  So we grow our sprouts in their own containers in refrigerated greenhouses using our patented Cold Grown® process.  Harvest living sprouts right from the package from your refrigerator at home.

With Ilana Muhlstein

Wild About Sprouts® is excited Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN, author, public speaker, influencer and member of the Leadership Team for the American Heart Association enjoys Wild About Sprouts®!

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